Relentless Eye Global Cell Photography 2009

Remember Every Detail in an Instant

Remember Every Detail in an Instant

There is a great exhibition at the Helen Day Art Center which I found out about and and uploaded a few images at the very last minute.  I wish I had taken my cell phone photography more seriously, but then again, that’s the beauty of the cell phone.  It’s a memory marker.  It’s a great thing to document the cats and chickens, remember a good dinner.  (I didn’t enter my cat or dinner photos, cute as my cats and chickens are.)

I have a few landscapes (of course) which are more like notes on an idea than good work. And I have a couple of panoramas made right in my iPhone with software by Debacle.  The goal of the software is to stitch together images seamlessly,  but the temptation to document in time rather than space and imply a narrative were in these images. Here are two, I might post more.  They are actually huge at 55″ so these are paired down a bit.  You’ll need to click on my images here to see them at a decent size. There are some interesting photographs in this exhibition, some mundane, some spectacular.  You can see all the entries on Picassa.

Curated by Odin Cathcart
Juried by Eirik Johnson

Cell phone cameras are the relentless eye of the global simulacra. Simple and everywhere, cell phone cameras have transformed how photography is practiced. Helen Day Art Center announces the first of its kind international call to cell phone artists. We seek entries that reveal the creative mind through this ubiquitous medium for a ten-week exhibition opening September 25th, 2009. Entries will be juried by the acclaimed photographer, Eirik Johnson.

This exhibition aims to exploit two unique properties of an emerging niché of digital photography — cell phone photography. The first is the ubiquity of the form. Nearly all cell phones contain cameras, making photography persistently available to novice and professional artists alike. How has this ‘availability’ changed photography? The second property this exhibition explores are the limits and possibilities of the medium. How will artists harness this new medium? What will the the relentless eye of billions of artists reveal?

Marple Tea

Marple Tea (Remember every detail in an instant)

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