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Into the Weeds 2017/18 at North Dakota Museum of Art

Alter of the Immigrants and the Bowl of Give and Take

10 Tea toned cyanotype photograms. Poplar and Basswood table, Black Walnut Bowl

All plants were grown and collected from my garden where I collect English immigrant plants. 

Valerian. European native, valued in Ancient Greece and Rome, valued by the poor in England and Scotland. Sedative.

St John’s Wort. Imported as an ornamental, now invasive in CT. Medicinal, now used for anxiety and mood.

Burdock. Also known as the “great clot burr.” Arrived with cattle and bedding. Arrived 1672. Edible root. Troublesome for sheep when caught in wool. Invasive.

Scotch Thistle. Arrived 1759 in bedding. Edible, medicinal, used for heart medicine. Troublesome for sheep when caught in wool. Invasive.

Scotch Broom. (Birdsfoot Trefoil) Medicinal, a heart medicine. Arrived 1760’s, imported as an ornamental. Invasive.

White clover. Medicinal, used as a blood purifier, eyewash. Used for animal feed, soil improvement. A nitrogen setter. 

Purslane. Used as a vegetable since 1700’s. 

Oxeye Daisy. Imported as ornamental 1759. Invasive.

Mullein. Imported in 1750’s,  Medicinal use as anti inflammatory, skin disorders, and a dye. Also used as insecticide. Kills fish.

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North Dakota Museum of Art 2015 auction

Many of my photographs are matched pairs, often two or three views of the same place just feet and minutes apart, though some are similar places though countries apart.  The gap of time and place between the paired images is important to me: what ever seen or not seen, the gap is the nexus. In comparing place to place, and time and place, I am making an effort to see and interpret personal life events more clearly. Hyperopia  8/14 at 6:00:43:09 and 6:00:54 am is part of an ongoing series called 20/20 vision.

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What’s Left: Lives Touched by Suicide

The moments before, the moment of, and the moment after. All of the what ifs that come to mind around that moment, all of the what ifs are time stamped. Times and places: when you were when, and then, and where you are now, and then again right now. And now. Now, when you truly breathe deep, what’s left is another day.

I am one of thirty artists including visual artists, writers, poets, multimedia artists working on a project with John Bauer, called What’s Left. This is a traveling exhibition, starting at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids MN, and then on to venues big and small around the state.

JohnBauer says

Suicide is something that can affect any family, regardless of income level, race, geographic location, or any other social factors. This project aims to provide a space for participating artists and the broader community to reflect on the impact of suicide and explore the use of artistic expression in the processes of grieving and healing.

Our goal is to create a proactive dialogue on suicide and mental illness to break the stigma that surrounds both, in hopes that we can literally save lives.  I am happy to tell you that we as a large community have already made progress before the exhibit even opens. School districts have become very proactive by training teachers about suicide through the Question, Persuade and Refer program, a support group for attempters and survivors has been formed and meeting regularly, and local foundations (Northland and Miller Dwan) have done site visits in hopes of investing in the exhibit. 


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A Walk in the Woods

My work Seeing Woods for Trees is in a traveling exhibition called A Walk in the Woods. this exhibition was curated by Laurel Reuter of the North Dakota Museum of Art. The exhibition schedule is available as well as the catalog of the work by some fabulous international artists here

Seeing Woods for Trees

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Optical Illusions at the Plains Museum, April 19 – May 3.

I am please to be included in the Plains Museum’s annual themed exhibition and auction.For more information about Optical Illusions, please visit

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Art on the Plains XI January 29, 2012 – May 20, 2012

Paths Divided/Typology/Beltrami County to Cumbria

Paths Divided was accepted into Art on the Plains, juried by Hesse McGraw, curator for the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Neb.

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North Dakota Museum of Art


November 12, 2011
Autumn Art Auction

NDMOA’s Thirteenth Annual Autumn Art Auction.The evening will begin at 6:30 with live music and appetizers. There will be 50 works of art by local, national and international artists. View the catalog online

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Early Morning, After Dark



Werner, 9/6 at 7:09/17 will be on display on the 1st and 2nd floor galleries at the Mpls Photo Center from June 24th to August 13th, 2011

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North Dakota Museum of Art October-November 7

After Sanford Gifford

After Sanford Gifford

This is yet another photograph taken because I had seen something similar 30 years ago in art history class, where I  drew the composition of the paintings as the slides went by, making it stick in my memory.  That class, taught by Rena Coen (Joel and Ethan Coen brothers mum) gave me my first and preferred view of America, oddly enough.  For me these paintings became a sort of comforting if highly fictionalized view of a county I was living in but had not yet explored.  Nowadays I walk out with my camera in these wild forests, and there are moment when I see the kind of landscape that painters such as Cole, Church, Friedrich, Blakelock, Gifford saw, and I’m amazed that I can feel so connected to the land through them.

This is photograph, After Sanford Gifford is on view at the North Dakota Museum of Art now.  It is 30×42 framed, and for sale in the annual Art Auction, November 7.

If you are interested in any of the many works in the auction, you don’t need to be there to bid.  Instruction are online.  I like this because the winning bid is split between the artists and the museum.  It’s a great museum under director Laurel Reuter, and the fundraiser is a worthy cause.

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Relentless Eye Update


Morning (over Larson Lake) was chosen for the Relentless Eye Global Cell Photography 2009.  You can see the chosen work here and the jurors remarks on his choices here.

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