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New Camera Drawings

I’m always looking for a way to reproduce  paintings that I remember in the camera, but recently I’ve been adding drawings in too.  This series of camera drawings are multiple exposures made in camera, and for me they replicate the way I see and move: glancing from place to place, walking around or toward an object.  When the atmospherics and weather permit, the result can be a close to a gesture drawing as I would like.  Here are two galleries for now.

Camera Drawings on Werner

Camera Drawings on Larson Lake

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The winter of new content

I usually avoid shooting in January here in Northern Minnesota because I hate -20 weather.  This year the weather has been kind, and I’ve been out and about a bit. While I’m still sorting through and printing this work, this is one popped out just because it looks so much like the charcoal drawing I would have done had I ever bothered to draw this stand of hybrid poplars.  It’s a multiple exposure on my Nikon D300 with a lot of jiggling, taken on a day with thick fog, flat light, lots of ice on the trees, no processing beyond that.  My father in law, Bud Morgan, who was a WPA printer and painter would have loved it.

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